Measuring the Value of Content at Tylenol

Insight into content performance beyond views and clicks


Johnson & Johnson’s senior digital marketing manager needed to understand the value of their content in order to inform their creative agency and make sound decisions as to where and how to further invest. He wanted to ensure that content being developed would clearly and positively impact business objectives.


The content lift study is essentially a clear understanding of what site content is providing value – and in this case, Adobe Analytics data was used with a custom statistical model and code to calculate Tylenol’s engagement score .

Once the engagement score was built, Cardinal Path created two models: one to identify which types of content generates higher engagement and another to uncover which content drives purchase intent. In other words, if someone sees an article on pain management, does it mean they are they more likely to engage or purchase? With these insights, Tylenol now has the ability to understand the impact of each site section relative to engagement or purchase intent.

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