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Deconstructing the Cookieless Future

In this whitepaper, Cardinal Path experts outline the implications of this major shift in online tracking capabilities and what steps can be taken this year to ensure your organization’s readiness.

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State of Digital Report 2020

The 2020 State of Digital Marketing in the Fortune 1,000 examines the marketing technology that supports the world’s most successful enterprises and analyzes the challenges and strategies for navigating the new normal.

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Tag Debugging Checklist

A checklist to validate your analytics implementation, and elevate the integrity of your data.

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Global Report: Dentsu 2020 CMO survey

Our global report examines the mindset and level of preparedness for CMOs across 12 global markets, including Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

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CMO Survey 2020

The U.S report from our 2020 CMO survey examines the top challenges and strategies for navigating this new normal.

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Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Data Quality

Addressing Analytics, Media Optimization, and Privacy through foundational Data Quality.

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Combating PII in Google Analytics

Assessment, Mitigation, and Hardening Against Risk

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2020 Online Behavior Dashboard

Access the 2020 Online Behavior Dashboard and understand the effects of major events on the year-over-year trends of website traffic and user engagement across 16 industries and see how your organization stacks up.

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COVID-19 Crisis Navigator

COVID-19 presents challenges we’ve not seen before. Track shifting consumer sentiment to better predict and adapt your efforts in this fluid new landscape. A bi-weekly report highlighting emerging trends and insights during the pandemic.

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Understanding Choice Overload

Improve your customer journey with simplified digital experience. In this whitepaper, we look at ways to analyze your digital experiences to determine whether you might be causing choice overload.

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Dashboarding Checklist

A checklist for constructing beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient dashboards.

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CCPA Legislation Roadmap 2020

Understand how CCPA and data privacy impact your organization. How to prepare your organization for the CCPA.

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Importing 1st-party data into BigQuery

Benefit from integrating CRM data with other data sources to build one powerful data warehouse.

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State of Digital Report

Gain insights into which tools and vendors are most widely adopted, and discover more about the martech strategy of these leading organizations.

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Google Surveys 360 Use Case

Automotive retailer identifies conversion gaps in online purchases using Google Surveys 360. Reach highly specific audiences with advanced features.

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Measuring Brand Impact

In this webinar, you will discover useful paradigm shifts in performance measurement to employ as a result of uncertain or challenging markets.

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Data-driven budget changes

How are you using data to inform changes to your budgets? Learn how to use the data you already have and apply increased weighting on recent performance to conduct an optimal spend analysis.

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High-Frequency Reporting

Many brands are looking for an up-to-the-minute way to assess the impact of the pandemic on their websites - and to help those on frontlines with a fast mechanism to report to the broader organization.

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Campaign Tagging Refresh

In this webinar, you'll learn how structured campaign tagging with a sound taxonomy can give you a solid foundation from which to make timely decisions around your marketing strategy.

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Google Analytics 101.1: Fundamentals of Google Analytics

This comprehensive starter session will give you a set of tools to begin your analytics journey.

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Google Analytics 101.2: Four Pillars of Reporting

Learn how to extract meaningful data across on-site traffic, content, and conversions to optimize with your most valuable users in mind.

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Google Analytics 101.3: Custom Dashboards

Translate complex data into valuable insights by developing custom reports and meaningful dashboards.

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Google Analytics 201.1: Conversion Tracking

Define the conversions critical to achieving goals on your site with this step-by-step instruction on goal configuration.

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Google Analytics 201.2: Campaign Tracking

Explore the core dimensions of the acquisition reports and learn to measure marketing performance with campaign tagging.

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Google Analytics 201.3: Advanced Segmentation

Discover advanced segmentation techniques to build out segments for a deeper understanding of your opportunities.

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Google Analytics vs Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics platform on the planet with both a free and premium version.

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Selling GA360 + Salesforce Integration

When the world's most widely-adopted analytics platform meets the world's most widely-adopted CRM solution, a world of opportunity opens up.

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Uncovering Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

With organizations collecting more data than ever, there are more opportunities to inadvertently collect PII.

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Google Data Studio Lab: Part 1

Ensure your data is telling a meaningful story with this introductory course on building dashboards in Data Studio.

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Google Data Studio Lab: Part 2

Next-level understanding of how to create engaging and efficient marketing dashboards that inform smarter business decisions.

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Google Ads 101.1: Fundamentals of Google Ads

Lay the groundwork for your knowledge of search marketing and a better understanding of the search process for Google Ads.

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Google Ads 101.2: Google Ads Best Practices

Advertising in Google Ads consists of four key elements: campaign settings, ad groups, ads, and keywords - understand how these work and learn to apply techniques that will ladder up to your business goals.

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Google Ads 101.3: Building Search Campaigns

Learn how to set up your very own search campaign in Google Ads with this step-by-step guide to search advertising with Google.

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Google Ads 201.1: Fundamentals of Display Advertising

Display marketing with Google Ads helps your brand get in front of customers and stay top of mind for when they are ready to convert.

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Google Ads 201.2: Building Display Campaigns

A real-time guide to creating and customizing Google display campaigns that place your engaging content in front of your target audience.

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Google Ads 201.3: Campaign Reporting and Optimizations

Level-up your campaigns in Google Ads by drilling into the reports available and leveraging those insights to make optimizations.

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Analytics Rising: Achieving Data-Driven Attribution

Leverage 1st-party data from multiple sources to better understand the customer and your business opportunities.

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Analytics Rising: Your 2020 Digital Roadmap

Data strategists show you how to cut through complexity and achieve results with an 18-month digital roadmap.

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