CMO Survey 2020

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CMO Survey

The U.S report from our 2020 CMO survey examines the top challenges and strategies for navigating this new normal. Through the lends of “preparedness”, we also investigate which marketers feel better prepared to navigate the crucial months ahead and, importantly, uncovering why they feel that way.

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    About the Report

    About the Report

    COVID-19 presents challenges we’ve not seen before.

    Our ability to respond to this change in productive ways means we must understand key dynamics and derive actionable insights that allow us as marketers to adapt.

    In the spirit of sharing all that we know, we are providing the COVID-19 Pulse, a curated view of timely information to help marketers navigate the shifting landscape.

    about the contributors

    Cardinal Path + Dentsu

    This report was prepared through a broad collaboration of Dentsu agencies and functions.

    To learn more about specific COVID-19 marketing solutions, contact: