Informed Adaptability:
2021 Marketing Trends

Creating competitive advantage in the
digital-first economy

Informed Adaptability: 2021 Marketing Trends outlines data-informed marketing strategies that will prove critical for businesses and brands to create business value through online experiences in 2021 and beyond. The report draws insights from hundreds of enterprise client engagements across a broad range of industries.

    The five key trends for 2021 are:
    1. Data Transformation – addressing privacy-safe acquisition, management, analysis, and activation of data to optimize customer experience in real-time.
    2. Audience Curation – creating new opportunities to address audiences and build up first-party data assets.
    3. Total Experience – driving competitive advantage and measurable business results through customer experience.
    4. Performance Agility – empowering brands through data to act with both speed and precision in times of uncertainty and inconsistency.
    5. Accountable Marketing – ensuring marketers have the ability to tie back performance and optimization to revenue.

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