Fortune 50 elevates their global analytics program

Outdated practices & dispersed data prevented them from getting value from data


A Fortune 50 energy company, active in over 180 countries, wanted to update, modernize and centralize their analytics deployment for better data insights, message consistency, and tracking.


Cardinal Path conducted a comprehensive analytics audit to uncover the gaps in their system and create a detailed roadmap so they could quickly implement solutions.

The audit revealed that the company was running an outdated measurement technology with on-page code, and no unified view of their 50+ web properties. With sites in silos, it was nearly impossible to extract business value from their digital data. The recommendations and roadmap outlined a thorough digital analytics solution.

The audit and resulting recommendations have given this organization a tailored set of metrics and reports their analysts use to inform various stakeholders. They now have a single view of their entire digital ecosystem. Even across multiple sites, each with a different purpose and cultural characteristics, this tag management solution enables drill-down analysis, segmentation, and complete trust in their global data.

Technical benefits include ease of maintenance and comfort in the fact that with the digital measurement framework, future rollouts can be conducted in ten minutes by their own developers, and to the highest possible standard, along with all company-wide sites.

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