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Google has announced some changes that bring together media and analytics solutions, in a rebrand that reflects the fact that between its cloud infrastructure and technology platforms, Google offers a full-blown marketing technology stack for the enterprise.

Essentially, Google’s advertising and analytics platforms will be unified under a single brand called Google Marketing Platform.

This will replace the DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite brands. Other products, such as AdWords, are also being rebranded.

Some of the changes:

  • Google Analytics 360 Suite Home will become Platform Home
  • DoubleClick Search will be called Search Ads 360
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Studio will be named Campaign Manager and Studio, respectively
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager will become Display & Video 360, which will bring together planning, creative, buying and measurement features in a single tool
  • Google Adwords becomes Google Ads

You will start seeing the new Google Marketing Platform brand –including new product names and logos– reflected in product interfaces, Help Centers, and more, effective immediately.Google Marketing Platform

In the blog post introducing the Google Marketing Platform, Brad Bender, Google VP of Display & Video Advertising, references their customer-first approach to this solution, which is designed to make it easier to collaborate, engage with customers, serve up the right content, and achieve better precision with marketing spend.

On the heels of Salesforce Connections earlier this month, where we joined Google on the main stage to talk about the end-to-end customer view now possible with the integration of Google Analytics 360 (now Google Marketing Platform) and Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds, this announcement builds on Google’s work to bring tools and data into a single platform.

Though this announcement is strictly branding related, and important to help Google compete against all the other marketing clouds on the market, it provides a great indication of the direction that Google is moving, and we’re excited to see new features and functions roll out in all the projects within GMP (Google Marketing Platform) over the next year and more. Deeper integrations and data sharing are a sure bet and will allow organizations to access rich data across all the products in the platform to drive their marketing and measurement, providing better experiences for both their customers and the corporate users of these products.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about Google Marketing Platform at the upcoming Google Marketing Live event on July 10th at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 ET. If you’re not going to be there in person, sign up to view the keynote via livestream.