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Google Marketing Platform

Search Ads 360

Leverage automated bidding and buying of search engine and social media ad space

A key part of your ad tech stack, Search Ads 360 combines up-to-the-minute data from your campaigns across multiple engines and media channels

Get a clear view of your search ads’ impact across digital channels such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and select social media advertising channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ensure all campaigns are updated and optimized across all search engines

With Google Search Ads 360 you’re empowered to manage all of your paid search initiatives from a single platform, to leverage industry-leading bidding tools, shared conversion tagging from Campaign Manager, budget management, and native integration with Google Analytics 360.

Efficiently and effectively ensure that your paid search initiatives are always up to date and consistently implemented across the paid search market

Manage dynamic advertising features for personalized, dynamic remarketing, manage shared paid search budgets and pacing, and apply AI-powered bid strategies tailored to your various paid search campaigns, and the business objectives they support.

Eliminate the additional time it takes to re-create and manage campaigns across multiple interfaces

  • Unique to Search Ads 360 is the ability to create budget groups interconnected to creating and modifying budgets depending on the performance of bid strategies and their goals.
  • Use more flexible and granular bid strategies that can be set up across engines, several accounts, campaigns, ad groups, or even keywords.
  • Build out remarketing lists from all of your campaigns and use the lists to re-engage with customers on search, social, or display channels.
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Bring your data together and better understand the customer journey with robust reporting features

  • Tap into reporting across paid and organic channels to uncover how paid and organic search work together to reach your intended audiences searching online.
  • Prevent inaccurate conversion counting with deduplicated floodlight conversion data for your paid search campaigns. 
  • Native integration with call tracking and other 3rd party platforms for a more comprehensive picture of success metrics for paid search.
  • Deploy and report on AI-fuelled bid strategies. Track performance as Search Ads360 automatically optimizes your bidding around your identified goals and targets.
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Key integrations allow you to use all of your customer insights to deliver the right search ad to the right customer

  • Work seamlessly with third-party solutions, including Adobe Analytics (Omniture) for reporting and bid optimization.
  • Measure and take action on paid social data in an easy, automated way.
  • With seamless integration with Google Merchant Center, you can access upgraded inventory management feeds. So anyone on your team can act on live updates, as they happen.
  • Create, manage, and report on campaigns for the following search engines: Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo! Japan, Yahoo! Gemini, and Baidu.
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Efficient, effective SEM

Using the Search Ads 360 bid management platform means that we’re able to deploy a robust, weighted bid management strategy that more effectively aligns with our goals while enabling us to confidently scale acquisition performance in a way that exceeds business expectations.

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