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Google Marketing Platform

Google Analytics 360 + Salesforce

Drive sales, fine-tune marketing, and elevate the customer experience with the power of first-party data

The world’s most widely-adopted analytics platform meets the world’s most widely-adopted CRM solution

This winning combination brings together the comprehensive online data of Google Analytics 360, with the rich offline customer data of Salesforce. This amplifies the potential for brands to attract, nurture, convert, and retain customers, resulting in true customer-centric, and data-driven experiences.

3rd-party data sources are drying up & cookies are going away

Marketers need to rely increasingly on first-party data to achieve their goals, manage compliance, and respond to the demands of consumers who expect personalization as well as control over their personal data.

Identify sources that deliver high-quality leads that convert, empowering your marketing and sales teams

Organizations leveraging this integration between Google and Salesforce are achieving business benefits from enhanced customer loyalty to increased ROI on marketing programs as marketing and sales work in lock-step to optimize their approach.

Unlock the enormous potential within your data, with more processing power and data export options

  • Increased data limits, starting at 500 million hits per month, and faster, intra-day processing.
  • Advanced analysis tools, with up to 200 custom dimensions and 200 custom metrics. 
  • Unsampled report downloads for custom report requests and sampling limits up to 100 million sessions.
  • Export granular hit-level data to Google BigQuery to conduct even deeper analysis and apply Machine Learning to automatically and rapidly generate new insights.
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Cut through the clutter and drive real data-driven transformation

  • Quickly understand what your data is telling you about your business performance & leverage advanced modeling capabilities.
  • Share insights with business stakeholders with a range of robust reporting tools.
  • Develop and refine robust audience definitions that automatically classify users on an ongoing basis and target these users in connected platforms.
  • Enable data-driven attribution to get custom models automatically generated on a weekly basis, assigning fractional credit for conversions, transactions and revenue based on your organization’s data, current campaigns, and seasonality.
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An end-to-end analytics solution for every enterprise, connecting directly to your ad-tech and additional data sources like your CRM

  • Quickly and easily collect and manage vast data sets through Google BigQuery, an exclusive feature of Google Analytics 360.
  • Tag once and deploy the entire Google Marketing Platform stack to your websites and apps, minimizing developer resources while maximizing analysis, testing, optimization, and targeting capabilities through Google Tag Manager 360.
  • Integrate reporting and audience-based targeting with the complete Google Marketing Platform, including Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Surveys 360, Optimize 360, and Data Studio.
  • Experience a true click-to-close view of the customer journey with the integration of online and offline behaviors across channels and touchpoints with the Salesforce Sales & Marketing Clouds integration with Google Analytics 360.
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs and access to 24/7 emergency support give your organization peace of mind that business-critical analytics and related processes will work continuously and uninterrupted.
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Understand your customers
and connect insights to results

We’re now in the enviable position of having an accurate view at each stage of our customer journey. Cardinal Path enabled a custom cloud analytics solution that not only gives us a business advantage but helps us shape a great customer experience.

Deeper Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 Insights with BigQuery and Google Cloud

Based on thousands of deployments and martech integrations, Cardinal Path shares its powerhouse knowledge to empower brands to start making the shift toward a culture of data-driven customer experiences – both online and offline – and a holistic approach to marketing investments and sales enablement.