Cardinal Path delivers actionable data & insights to empower confident decisions.

We do this across four key areas of service.

Analytics & Insights

Cardinal Path helps marketers answer their toughest questions, like, who are my most valuable customers?, and, how do I get more of them? We have built out a robust data sciences practice that works with organizations to uncover their unique business opportunities, and gain true competitive advantage. Surfacing insights that matter most to your business, will guide your decision making, adjust your media allocation, re-work your budgets, personalize and enhance the customer experience with tailored content and offers, forecasting, and more.

Data Strategy

Let Cardinal Path carve out your roadmap to digital success. We will guide your team and mobilize the right data strategy for your organization, giving you clarity and confidence in a  market crowded with platforms, vendors, and agencies. Working with all major marketing technology vendors, Cardinal Path is vendor-agnostic, and can help with any or all stages of your current or future solution; from planning and solution design to implementation and activation.

Technology & Implementation

In the digital economy, collecting, organizing and visualizing good, clean data is foundational to success. If your technology layer is not working as it should be, you’re missing out on the many unique advantages that can be achieved for your business. The recent explosion in marketing technology reflects the need for marketers to be competitive, driving revenues with carefully-allocated resources. Cardinal Path provides guidance on technology selection, uncovers the gaps in your existing deployment, and gets you on track with a best-in-class implementation of Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics 360.

Digital Marketing

Cardinal Path takes an informed approach to digital marketing, helping marketers design and deploy strategies that  target your most valuable customer segments. Across SEO, SEM, and Programmatic Media Buying, we deliver a data-driven solution to bolster your online marketing efforts and provide ongoing optimizations.