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Google Marketing Platform

Tag Manager 360

Reliable tag management that empowers teams across marketing and IT

Manage your website with an enterprise tag management solution that takes the pain out of tagging

With unlimited workspaces, sophisticated controls around access, and the ability to test on multiple environments, Google Tag Manager 360 brings together IT and Marketing for an efficient tag management strategy.

Tag Management for the Enterprise

Marketers require a tool that empowers measurement without slowing down campaign efforts

No more waiting on developers to deploy and manage tags. Google Tag Manager 360 takes the pain out of tagging, creating an easy-to-use platform that deploys tracking without the code. Enable your teams to work collaboratively and publish to multiple environments with marketing-friendly activity tracking.

Built-in security features for an enterprise-ready IT integrated solution

Good governance combined with the ability to control access at a granular level ensures data accuracy and better campaign results, bringing peace of mind to IT teams. Change or add tags as you need to and make use of built-in templates for all web and mobile apps.

Changing tags across digital assets is quick, easy, and streamlined with Google Tag Manager 360

  • Efficiently add and update your own website tags to measure conversions, site analytics, and more — without needing to touch your site code.
  • An unlimited number of workspaces allow multiple users and teams to manage their own tags independently and on their own schedules.
  • Zones allow administrators to set boundaries yet give freedom to different groups to manage specific tag types within specific URLs and domains.
  • Quickly adopt new marketing solutions whenever you’re ready with built-in templates for Google and third-party measurement and marketing tags.
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Tag Manager 360 supports and works seamlessly with all Google and third-party tags

  • Easy-to-use turnkey templates for a wide range of Google and third-party tags for web and mobile apps.
  • Easily add custom tags that are not already integrated with the solution.
  • Share the right access with all the right people. Control permissions to ensure marketers and developers can work together safely and effectively.
  • Tag once and deploy the entire Google Marketing Platform stack to your websites and apps, minimizing developer resources while maximizing analysis, testing, optimization, and targeting capabilities
  • Robust version history and ability to revert versions provides the means to track down issues and rollback to a known good state.
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Designed with marketers in mind, Tag Manager 360’s user-friendly design and security make it a hit with IT teams too

  • Error checking, security features, and speedy tag loading ensure that all your tags work.
  • Google Marketing Platform tags in general auto-upgrade, minimizing the need for required code or tag updates.
  • Enterprises with Tag Manager 360 can give more users tagging access, with defined levels of access to certain pages.
  • Workspaces and granular access controls allow your team to work together efficiently, while multi-environment testing lets you publish to different environments to ensure things are working as expected.
  • SLAs guarantee uptime and provide peace of mind that your analytics and marketing tags will continue to work and collect data every hour of the day and every day of the week.
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The world’s most highly adopted tag management solution

Cardinal Path leveraged Google Tag Manager 360 and a custom script to programmatically deploy all Google Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360 (including filters and views) across 200+ artist sites plus, YouTube, Vivo, and store sites. The script also allows for bulk updates through the API, saving us a ton of time.

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