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March 14, 2011. San Francisco – PublicInsite, VKI Studios, and WebShare have announced their intention to come together as Cardinal Path and form a leading force in web analytics and data-driven marketing. As Cardinal Path, these three companies combine the expertise of two 2011 Web Analytics Association Awards of Excellence finalists, half a dozen online marketing authors, sought-after public speakers and a staff of well-known digital analytics thought leaders.

“We kept hearing companies tell us, ‘We want a firm that knows how to measure its results,’ ‘We need to be trained and empowered in the services you’re providing,’ ‘We want to work with a single group with the expertise to architect, implement, and maintain our online strategies’,” John Hossack, Senior Partner at Cardinal Path explains.

“And we thought, ‘What if we had the human resources, the expertise and the specialized skill sets of Webshare, PublicInsite, and VKI Studios?’ Well, David Booth, Corey Koberg, Alex Langshur, David Eckman and I put our heads together and asked ourselves: what if we stopped asking ‘what if’?”

Cardinal Path offers web analytics services from three leading analytics providers all rolled into one, as well as User Experience, conversion testing and Search Marketing, Design and Development, and Social (media and marketing) strategies.

“People seem to think of online marketing as a collection of these little niches, campaigns optimized individually,” says Corey Koberg, Senior Partner at Cardinal Path. “They forget the overall marketing ecosystem, and miss how each activity – be it search or social, development or user experience – feeds not only into each other, but into offline efforts as well. By coming together as Cardinal Path, we have the experience, skill sets and reach to show companies how an integrated approach can change the way they do business online.”

Cardinal Path will begin providing services to clients effective as of March 14, 2011, with full integration of the companies to be finalized by Q4 2011. The company will have offices across North America, including: Vancouver, BC; Ottawa, ON; San Diego, CA; Boston, MA; Green Bay, WI; Phoenix, AZ; and Boston, MA.

For media inquiries or more information please contact:
David Booth, Senior Partner, Phoenix AZ: 480-285-1622
David Eckman, Senior Partner, Vancouver BC: 604-733-1474 x242
John Hossack, Senior Partner, Vancouver BC: 604-733-1474 x227
Corey Koberg, Senior Partner, San Diego CA: 480-285-1622
Alex Langshur, Senior Partner, Boston, MA: 781 454-7654