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How a media agency is now able to service existing clients better, take on new clients and generate more revenue.

In an era of increased transparency of ad buying, large brands in-housing media talent and consultancies competing over digital marketing spend, margins for media agencies are becoming thinner. To survive in such a challenging time, agencies must focus on ways to increase margins and utilize resources more efficiently. For agencies responsible for campaign performance, reporting automation can be a huge differentiator, not only in providing end clients with quicker access to results, but also in allowing agency staff to do less brain-drain manual reporting and focus on higher value optimization and consulting services.

We’ve helped agencies and organizations achieve over 500% improvements in report availability and deliverability. What used to take days now takes hours and what used to hours now takes minutes. Relevant and actionable data is readily available, end clients are happier and agency margins are better.

The Challenge

The agency was specifically looking to automate their Excel reports. They were not only spending valuable hours trying to run these reports but for a few clients that were using Google Analytics Standard, their data was being sampled. The sampling greatly reduced the accuracy of the reports and impacted the analysis and recommendations the agency was providing to their clients.

Download our white paper to walk through the process of building a reporting automation solution to address all three of the agency’s challenges.


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