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“Mobile-first” or “responsive” design are ubiquitous as buzzwords, but many organizations are still catching up, in practice, to the disruption that mobile has brought to marketing. With two-thirds of the global population – 7.6 billion people – using a mobile phone, and more than half of all searches conducted via mobile, it’s an area ripe with opportunity for marketers who choose to optimize.

Source: Hootsuite + We Are Social, 2018

Mobile-first indexing is a recent development in Google’s ongoing work around an increasingly mobile-centric web experience. In essence, Google is mobile-first indexing is just as advertised – the mobile version of your site becomes the first stop for Google’s indexing and rankings. It’s the same index Google uses now, but it changes the way content is added to the existing index. If you were one of the 80% of the web to have received the Mobile-Friendly designation, there’s a high likelihood you’ll remain in the index.

So while there’s no need for panic, there are some best practices that can help organizations to showcase their brands and increase organic growth while this mobile-first indexing rolls out to websites and to start thinking with a mobile-first mindset.

Join Cardinal Path’s Digital Marketing team in this week’s webinar as they uncover some of the ways organizations can prepare for mobile-first strategies, how it will impact your visibility, and what you can do to ensure success in this new, mobile-first world.

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