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On Monday, February 8, 2016, we had a successful webinar on “Understand User Behavior and Customize the Data Set: Google Analytics Event Tracking and Custom Dimensions with Google Tag Manager” by our Google Analytics Training Director, Eric Fettman.

What We Covered

Beyond the data that Google Analytics captures through the default tracking code, the attendees gained a fuller understanding of user behavior – and Google Analytics “speak your language” – by capturing additional data. In the webinar, the attendees also learned how to populate events and custom dimensions through Google Tag Manager and review the following specific considerations:

  • Using Variables to Populate and Trigger Event Tags
  • Configuring Virtual Pageviews as an Alternative to Events
  • Reading Custom Dimensions from Page Text or Markup
  • Conveying Back-End Values to Google Analytics Custom Dimensions through the Data Layer

If you missed it, view the recording below:

[videoembed url=”″]

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