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If you’re like most marketers, you are challenged to keep up with the advances in marketing technologies and techniques. The digital marketing landscape is more complex today than ever, and it’s no wonder so many marketers are  overwhelmed by the profusion of practices, systems, technologies, and vendors.

Marketing Technology Explostion
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It’s clear to me, as someone who helps enterprises gain insights through digital marketing analytics, that marketers need help to cut through the noise and define the areas that represent the biggest opportunities. If done properly, true digital analytics maturity will follow.

Join us on Tuesday, February 23rd at 10 A.M. Pacific / 1 P.M. Eastern for a webinar that breaks down the complex business problems that every marketer deals with. Alex Langshur, Cardinal Path’s Senior Partner and Co-Founder, and I  will discuss best practices for technology and processes:

  • data governance – absolutely critical to the success of your digital marketing program
  • website goals
  • data collection tactics data visualization, and data activation

We will clearly explain how the marketing technology stack fits into your world,  why the customer journey is central to your success, and what you need to do about it.

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