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1,579 is no random number; it is the number of data breaches reported worldwide in 2017, a record year according to Identity Theft Resource Center, which has been tracking data breaches since the year 2005. There is an increasing awareness of and concern over the massive amounts of data that organizations have on individuals. How safe is personal data really and how responsible are organizations in protecting it? Data privacy and data security still seem like an afterthought for most companies.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) drafted by the European Union (EU) is an attempt to protect citizens’ rights regarding personal data and to lay out an organization’s responsibilities while collecting and processing personal data. As organizations world over race to meet the May 25th deadline to comply with GDPR let us review some updates in the marketing analytics space.

In this fireside chat, Feras and I cover a number of GDPR topics, with a special focus on GDPR compliance and product updates for Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360. Topics include:

  • What’s GDPR and why is it a big deal?
  • Are you a data processor or a data collector and do you need a data processing agreement?
  • Google Analytics/Google Analytics 360 GDPR compliance
  • User rights under GDPR
  • GDPR and data protection FAQs
  • Useful links and resources

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PS: A note from our friendly lawyer: we’re not providing legal advice 🙂

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