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In a recent analytics webinar I touched on the topic of landing pages. I interact with a fair amount of Internet marketing consultants and I see a lot of effort focused on driving traffic to websites and building custom landing pages. And I see efforts focused on enhancing landing pages (redesign, new marketing copy, different call to action, etc.) but little effort to measure and analyze key metrics on these landing pages.

What I recommend to site owners and consultants is to direct some of that energy from just driving traffic (and just focusing on cost per click and click through rates) to examining how users are engaging with the landing page.

Measuring and analyzing KPIs such as bounce rates and conversion rates, especially after a level of segmentation (based on visitor type, campaign, etc.) is done will yield amazing results. If you are not setting up goals on your site and not tracking conversions, now is the time to do so. A/B testing and multi-variate testing are also invaluable methods to find out what works best.

Would love to hear your comments on your experiences with landing page metrics and what worked for you and your clients. Thanks!


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