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Custom Training

Give your team the tools they need to achieve digital marketing and analytics success

Invest in your people

Create business value by upgrading your marketing and analytics capabilities through custom training sessions delivered on your home turf. Cardinal Path has trained over 700,000 people worldwide to leverage data, technology, analytics, and digital marketing techniques. 

  • Closing the knowledge gap

    While digital transformation is a key business goal for most organizations, marketers are struggling with a skills gap that can impede their ability to achieve the automation needed to be competitive.

  • At Cardinal Path, we are educators at heart

    Sharing knowledge strengthens our own. Our dedicated team of trainers can teach all you need to know to work with tools such as Google Analytics 360, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Google Ads, Google BigQuery, Tableau, Tag Management, SEO, and more. All in the comfort of your own space, with a curriculum designed around your specific business goals.

Get in touch to learn about a custom curriculum for your unique business needs

Learning modules tailored to your industry can range from general strategy sessions to advanced tactical skills

Curriculums may include:

Practitioner mindset: A unique understanding of your business challenges

Cardinal Path took the time to understand our business requirements and tailored a Google Analytics workshop designed to help us move our digital strategy forward. We saw immediate results with the knowledge transfer and plan to hold ongoing analytics training for team members across the enterprise and the globe!
–Jared Younker, Interactive Marketing Manager, UnitedHealth Group
United Health Group

Free Google Analytics Training

Cardinal Path is offering free Google Analytics training to support organizations in these uncertain times. Bolster your organization’s internal analytics capabilities with our curated series of Google Analytics courses.