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The last report in the Visitor Loyalty section is the Depth of Visit report. In this report “depth” is referring to the number of pages visitors are viewing.  As with the other Visitor Loyalty reports the data here is “bucketized.” Compared to the Average Pageviews report under the Visitor Trending section you may get a more realistic picture of the number of pages your visitors are viewing with Depth of Visit because you are not looking at an average of all visitors.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two reports to give you a better idea of how each presents the data and help you determine which will be better suited for your needs.

For this time period we see that the average pageviews was 3.84 pages.


But now look at the Depth of Visit report for the same time period.  When the data is “bucketized” we see that, in reality, the majority of visitors (61.57%) only viewed 1 page. The other 38.43% of visitors who visited a higher number of pages skew the average.


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