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Up next are the Browser Capabilities reports. This section of reports can be helpful in understanding how many visitors are affected when your site behaves differently in different browsers, with different screen resolutions, Flash versions, etc. This is good information to have when re-designing your site or adding pages. Aim to make the user experience optimal for as many of your users as possible. The first report you will find in this section is the Browsers report.

This report defaults to a pie chart graphic of the percentage of visits coming from each browser. Notice here that we received 138,803 visits from 25 different browsers. But 94.76% of those came from just two browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox. So unless you have unlimited resources, there probably is not much need to try to design your site to fit all 25 browsers. The goal is to optimize the user experience of the majority of your users.


For each of the browsers listed you can drill down further to see which version of that particular browser is being used more.

Review your site in the top browsers that are bringing you visits. Look for things that are different between them and things that just don’t work in some of the browsers. These are the parts of your site you want to tweak, at least for the top couple of browsers, to make sure your site is being viewed as you intended by as many visitors as possible.  Notice the same page can behave differently based on the user’s browser.  You can see how this might impact conversion rates and sales of the third camera from the left!


Up Next: Visitor Reports – Browser Capabilities – Operating Systems & More