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Is your company ready for GDPR? Like many organizations who in some way touch data related to customers and users of your digital properties, you now have a specific regulatory obligation to use this data responsibly, while continuing to provide user-focused experiences and of course supporting your own marketing and tracking efforts.

According to GDPR definitions, if you have a website, you are considered the data controller, i.e., the owner of the data who makes all the decisions regarding the purposes and means of collecting personal data of your visitors, or data subjects.

In this article, we will outline how Tealium iQ’s new Consent Manager tool can help you comply with GDPR while maintaining a robust tagging infrastructure. We will also review Tealium iQ Privacy Manager, which can also help you maintain responsible use of customer data and align with the overall thrust of GDPR.

Consent Manager

Tealium acts a data processor on the following products: UDH (Universal Data Hub) EventStream, AudienceStream, and DataAccess. As a data processor, Tealium has the responsibility to provide you (the data controller) with the means to fulfill data subject’s access to their own data and, in general, to implement responsible data collection practices.

One of the approaches to fuel data into UDH Universal Data Hub is to use the Tealium iQ. Through implementing a tag called Tealium Collect. This tag automates the data collection to be processed and used by AudienceStream, EventStream, and DataAccess for segmentation and real-time actions.

According to GDPR, the data controller determines the purposes and means of collecting personal data and is the owner of the data. The data controller must be able to demonstrated that the data subject has given consent to the collection and processing of their personal data.

Consent Manager in Tealium iQ

Therefore Tealium iQ new Consent Manager will help users comply with these requirements.

Consent Management uses the following two components to help you manage consent:

  • Consent Request Manager
    You can configure the prompt that is presented on your website to request consent from visitors. Visitors can grant consent or withdraw consent via the prompt.
    Consent Manager allows you to configure a specific consent prompt.
  • Consent Preferences Manager
    This component allows you to configure the categories of tracking offered to visitors that give consent.
    Users who give consent can specify the types on tags that can use their personal data.

Customizable yet automated, Consent Manager offers the following additional features:

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customizable Content: Message, Logo, Call to Action Button, etc.
  • Fully Customizable Presentation: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Global Settings (for multiple profiles)
  • Automated Load Rule Creation to Target Users in the EU
  • Configure the Tags to Omit (non-tracking tags)
  • Logging Consent Changes
  • Preview Mode

Lookup and Deletion of Personal Data

As an additional tool for GDPR compliance for data controllers, Tealium released the new Visitor API in AudienceStream, which can be used to lookup individual visitor records and delete them if needed. The new Visitor API offers the following features:

  • Lookup/View Visitor Data
  • Delete Visitor Data
  • View Visitor ID Attributes
  • Check Delete Status

For full details on Tealium iQ Consent Manager, view this preview:

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Questions about how you can use Tealium iQ and the Universal Data Hub for user-focused experiences and tracking while maintaining your compliance with GDPR and honoring customer privacy? Contact E-Nor today.


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