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 Well, I am away for Christmas week, so this post has to get finished early, meaning that we’re a little short of content.

This week we have interface tricks for Omniture’s SiteCatalyst, some SEO science on why you should sometimes “avoid the average”, research on how social media links affect ranking, and our own Erik Vold on how to modify adword tracking code.

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  • The Omniture Blog has a great article on SiteCatalyst Interface Time-Savers. Included is how to add/remove metrics with a double click (you already know this, don’t you?), as well as view reports in trend view, reorganize menus, create global calculated metrics, and more. Over all a very useful article for people struggling with the rather complex SiteCatalyst analytics tool and experienced analysts looking to save some time alike.
  • A second from Omniture, this time on the collaboration of testing ideas. They discuss a series of testing ideas, in the hope of building a widespread dialog discussing ideas for testing success. Over all a fantastic idea.
  • Our own Erik Vold came up with a very cool way to track conversions as button clicks, or what have you.

 Miscellaneous links of the week:


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