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There are 2 basic types of export files from Google’s AdWords Editor that can be imported back into the tool:
1) AEA – AdWords Editor Archive – generally used as a backup file
2) AES – AdWords Editor Share – generally used to share proposed changes with colleagues

You can export your entire account or selected campaigns from the File menu.


Editor gives you the option to export the whole account, selected campaigns, or the current view.

Once exported, you will have either an AES or an AEA file type that can then be stored for archiving or shared with co-workers.  Both file types can be imported back into the AdWords Editor tool as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when importing the files:

Importing of either file type is done through the FILE/IMPORT ACCOUNT SNAPSHOT menu.

AES – import a file someone has shared with you to propose changes:

  • You have to have the most recent version of the account already in Editor.  If you are starting with a new, blank editor account or an account other than the one the AES came from you cannot import an AES file.
  • If the version of the account you are importing into is older or newer than the one in the AES file you will likely get an error.
  • You have to be logged into the account that the file was created for. (Again not a new account)

AEA – importing a backup/archive file

  • This file type can be imported into an account other than the one it was created from.  However, if you do so, the AEA file will overwrite all information in the account you are importing it into.  Before doing this make sure you not going to lose important data.
  • You can also import this file into a new account through editor.