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Using the Visitor and Visitor Trending reports we now know a bit about our visitors; where they are coming from, how many of them there are and what they are doing on our site. While we don’t want the stream of new visitors to dry up, returning visitors can present a great value depending on the nature of your site. These are your Loyal visitors, the ones who come back more than once and hopefully time and time again. The next set of reports under Visitors presents data on the loyalty of your visitors.

The first of these reports is Loyalty. It is a pretty straight forward bar graph that shows how many times visitors came to your site during the defined time period and what percentage of all visitors during that time came for a given number of times.


In the above example the majority of this site’s visitors came 1 time (30.78%). But this site also had a good showing of repeat visitors with 10.76% coming 26-50 times during a one month period. Compare that to the site below. 96.88% of their visitors only came one time during this time period. That may not be a bad thing depending on the goal of your site.


Sites that update their content often, such as blogs, news sites and the like are more likely to have visitors come back again and again. If you want to keep them coming back again and again, give them a reason to with fresh content.

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