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For the first time ever, and hopefully not the last, the Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and Website Optimizer teams will join forces in a free webinar.

Next Tuesday, July 8th at 9am PT Google will be hosting a free webinar to help you make more money from your website by taking advantage of some great free tools that they offer.

These tools are:

Webmaster Tools – provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google and sheds light onto the reasons why your site ranks where it does.

Google Analytics – provides you with insight into the behaviors of your visitors while on your website. This allows you to see where visitors are having problems and where you should be putting your resources fix these issues.


Google Website Optimizer – provides you with a platform to test the “improvements” that you make to your website so that you can be confident that the changes you have made actually have a positive effect on your business goals.

By themselves, each of these tools can provide tremendously insightful and actionable information about your site; combine them all together and you get a more holistic view of both your visitors and your web pages.

Learn to answers to questions such as:

-How visible are your pages on Google?
-Where do your visitors come from?
-What content most effectively gets them to take the action you want?

As a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant firm and a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant firm, we specializes in helping companies get more out of their websites with these Google tools. We see it as the ultimate webinar for anyone who owns, operates, or manages a website and needs to drive results up and to the right.

Here are the details:

TITLE: The Google Trifecta: Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Website Optimizer
DATE: Tuesday, July 8, 2008
TIME: 9:00 – 10:00 am PT (Pacific Time)
JOIN US: Register to attend

This webinar, we'll:

* Briefly introduce the products
* Highlight recent product releases and developments
* Discuss the benefits of using the products together
* Answer selected questions that attendees have submitted

Register early and be sure to submit your questions in advance as this will be a very well attended event and you want to make sure that your specific questions have a chance to be answered.