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Analytics is all about insights, and the insights Google Analytics provides about your site just got a lot better and easier to find.  Google announced the release of several new functions to GA today. The following features will be available on all accounts in the coming weeks: 1) Advanced Segmentation: You will definitely want to check this one out as soon as it is available in your account.  New predefined segments are easy to apply to both current and historical data.  And even better, the new segment builder tool lets you create, save and apply your own custom segments with incredible ease. 2) Custom Reports: Now you can have your GA reports your way.  This new feature allows you to create, save and edit reports that are completely customized to your needs.  With the new report creation interface being so simple to use you might not want to stop creating new ways to analyze the interactions your visitors have with your site. 3) Motion Charts: Put your reports into motion and sit back and watch your data change over time.  The new visualize button at the top of the reports allows you to analyze data over 5 dimensions (x-axis, y-axis, bubble size and color and over time) and pick up on relationships that may not be easily seen in traditional reports.   4) New Account Management Dashboard: Managing and monitoring your accounts just got easier with this new dashboard.  You will also get key performance metrics in green (for good) and red (for bad) upon logging in so you can see what areas might require a little extra attention right away.   These functions will require a little longer wait as they are in beta testing and will be released to all accounts more gradually. But if you are working with a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant ask them to set you up with early access. 1) Data Export API: This will allow developers to take Google Analytics to whole new levels.  Custom dashboards, offline analysis; the only limitation could be your imagination. 2) Integrated Reporting with AdSense:  If you are an AdSense publisher you will soon be able to track your revenue and impression data right along with your site data. These are some great new functionalities that you will definitely want to spend some time becoming acquainted with once they are available in your account.