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If you log into your Google Analytics account and notice something different, don’t panic because this something different is also something good! 🙂 Google has rolled out an updated user interface (UI) and added some really cool features.


So what is new? An actionable interface! Instead of just listing your profiles with links to view, edit, or delete (and a check status), now the new Google Analytics interface offers:

  • You can view metrics such as Visits, Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate, and completed goals.
  • % Change column: allowing you to sees ups and downs based on a day, week, month, or year time frame.
  • Starring Profile: you can “star” the profiles you most frequently use and then select to view “starred” profiles only, instead of scrolling down pags after page and waste valuable minutes (that we would like to spend on analysis!)
  • Quick profile name change: one click on the “the button with a pen” next to the profile name and you can easily update the name
  • Profile Locator: few more valuable seconds are saved 🙂 by using the “Find Profile” feature. Just start typing the name of the profile and voila! The profile you need is highlighted in yellow and then available for you use
  • Rows per page: a small dropdown at the bottom of the screen allows you to control how many rows (profiles) you want to see per screen

If you are an agency with many Google Analytics accounts set up under one main/master account, the above features also work when you log in your main/master account and you see a listing with all individual Google Analytics accounts.

The Google Analytics team has once again done a nice job in introducing more efficiency and giving the users more control. Good job Brett, Scott, and the rest of the GA team members!

The E-Nor Google Analytics Team