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Google Marketing Platform

Google Optimize 360

Create a culture of testing & personalization with the market-leading website testing tool, Google Optimize 360

Rigorous testing and experimentation throughout the customer journey uncover ways to upgrade the experience, reduce friction, and ease the path to conversion

Develop a better understanding of your customers and create the optimal digital experience for them by running website tests – including A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests.

Personalization vs. Segmentation - Understand the difference and activate the benefits

Friction in the customer journey leaves opportunities on the table

Today, users expect a thoughtful digital experience. One that addresses their unique needs and creates value. With Google Optimize 360, you can create website tests that uncover friction in the customer journey, and deliver compelling and results-oriented digital experiences.

Optimize your digital investments with this easy-to-use platform

Google Analytics 360 allows for quick implementation and testing across your entire website, so you’re empowered to move your tests from ideation to actionable insights in less time.

Customize your website for each segment of your users. Because one size never fits all, and that includes the experience on your website

  • Powerful capabilities – ranging from simple showing/hiding of page elements to full-on script-based page modification – let you focus on specific user segments to deliver better, more personalized experiences to your customers. 
  • Synchronize your site visitor’s landing page experience with the ad creative that brought them to your site in the first place, reinforcing your calls to action and driving conversions.
  • With Optimize 360 you can deliver custom experiences to your existing Analytics audiences, simplifying analysis and personalization into a single logical workflow.
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Optimize has many built-in features that make it easier to manage all the experiments you’re running for your business

  • With the easy-to-use visual editor, you can make simple text and image changes, or use the raw HTML and JavaScript code editor to experiment with more advanced changes. 
  • Optimize was built on top of Google Analytics 360, so you can get set up in minutes by adding a single line of code to your existing Analytics implementation. Once the code is added to your site, you can publish new experiences to your users with a few clicks.
  • Leverage your existing analytics goals and eCommerce setup, ensuring that evaluation is based on the KPIs you already use and that you know are organizationally important, all without additional integration or implementation work.
  • Optimize gives you multiple types of objectives to build your experiments on, simplifying test set up and focusing results
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Key integrations with Google solutions allow you to use all of your customer insights to deliver the right experience to the right customer

  • Google Optimize 360 is natively integrated with Google Analytics 360 to help you identify which parts of your site need improvement. 
  • Use your Google Analytics site data to quickly and easily identify problem areas, then turn those insights into action to deliver an online experience that works best for your customers.
  • Take advantage of your existing audience definitions to provide the right experience to each user at the right time.
  • Quickly test different variations of your website, match the user experience to your messaging in Google Ads and other paid media platforms, and see what works best for your customers.

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Understand your customers
and connect insights to results

We’re now in the enviable position of having an accurate view at each stage of our customer journey. Cardinal Path enabled a custom cloud analytics solution that not only gives us a business advantage but helps us shape a great customer experience.

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