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Data Management Platform

Data Management PlatformDigital marketing and analytics tools help marketers get a better understanding of user behavior through data collection and reporting, but they do not have the “baked-in” ability to act or react to the intelligence they gather. As a result, marketers are still often unable to use that intelligence to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) can help marketers by collecting and aggregating user data from their own digital properties as well as behavioral data from sites that they don’t own. This combination of first and third party data allows marketers to define very narrowly targeted audiences, and the DMP allows for the porting of those audiences from one marketing stack to another. This portability is the key value of a DMP; with it, marketers can deploy specific content to the same narrowly defined audience across all their channels: landing pages, email campaigns, display ads, etc.

For a deeper understanding of how DMPs help digital marketers reach the right audience with the right message, read the complete article on ClickZ: What is a data management platform and why do you need one?


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