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Smart Phone

Google announced Thursday that they are expanding mobile reports for Google Analytics. Mobile devices are now getting their own section within Visitors, below Technology. In the future this will likely get filled out with other multiple reports, but for now it looks like we just get a new mobile overview report, and a new devices report with enhanced segments.

This report will have the following “simple segmentation” options (those little blue links next to “viewing” and under the graph):

  • Mobile Device Info: Name and look of the device
  • Mobile Device Branding: Who made the device, with further segmentation of within each company segment offering particular devices..
  • Service Provider
  • Mobile Input Selector: Is it a keypad, a click wheel, a touchscreen, a joystick, a stylus?
  • Operating System
  • Screen Resolution

This isnt intended to be a major update, but gives an idea about Google’s mobile road map for Google Analytics. Obviously they see mobile as an important data set, and want to give you more options to analyze your mobile visitors.