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Disparate data sources are common and problematic when trying to integrate and analyze all relevant marketing and business metrics into an impactful executive dashboard that trends data over time and gives insight to the client. In order to help combat an issue such as this, and as just announced on the official Google Analytics blog, E-Nor recently participated in early beta with the Google Analytics team and our partners at ShufflePoint, which developed the feature In2GA on their existing platform.


Fig 1: Client’s Adwords Data and Date have been blurred out.

E-Nor brought long-time client OEMPCWorld into this exciting development to help them overcome the stumbling blocks of varying data sources. OEMPCWorld Founder and President Michael Rosito shared:

“Using the ‘In2GA’ cost data import tool from Shufflepoint, enables E-Nor to analyze the performance of our paid search channel more efficiently.This translates into quicker insights comparing campaign metrics, ad effectiveness, and keyword performance at one glance instead of logging into multiple systems. Any application or feature that streamlines data collection for analysis, ultimately impacting the bottom line positively, is welcomed. Thanks for the continued innovations and look forward to more.”

In2GA is an extension to the ShufflePoint report automation platform which supports automated, scheduled transfer of ad performance metrics from ad platforms such as Bing Ads and Facebook into Google Analytics via the Cost Data Import feature. This awesome new capability was just announced at the Google Analytics Partner Summit yesterday. It will be rolled out over the next month.

Contact one of our Google Analytics Data Integration Specialists to learn more about leveraging this new feature!