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In an effort the raise awareness (and money) for prostate cancer and male mental-health initiatives across the world, we’ve formed the ultimate Cardinal Stache team that will lead the races in this year’s #Movember mission.

What’s Movember?

Well, I don’t think I need to explain it in too great of details because our friends at SEOmoz have done that already. But in short, Movember is a fundraising effort whereby millions of participants (men specifically) will grow their moustaches in November and raise money for men’s health issues.

At Cardinal Path, we have 13 participants in this year’s #Movember initiative. I’m here to introduce you to each of them! But first, I will call out Mark Geyer for designing our team’s awesome logo. Way to go Mark!

The Cardinal Stache Team

How Can I Donate?

Not all of us are capable of growing a stache like Lanny McDonald’s. But that doesn’t stop the Cardinal Stache team from growing the staches we can grow.

Visit our team’s page on the official Movember website to make your donation.

If you want to find more out more about Movember’s initiative, check out these helpful resources:


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