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Need to understand the fundamentals of Google Analytics App + Web properties? As the next generation of Google Analytics, App + Web offers a flexible event model, integration between mobile app and web data streams, and advanced reporting features. The platform is continuing to build out, but it has already proven to be significant milestone in the evolution of Google Analytics and Firebase.

If you’re wondering how to get started with App + Web, this quiz could be a fun and effective way to learn.

Here are a few notes about the quiz, directly from the E-Nor Engineering and Knowledge teams to you:

  • with a focus on implementation, topics include:
    • creating web and data streams
    • Enhanced Measurement settings in a web data stream
    • stream synching between Firebase Analytics and Google Analytics App + Web property
    • tracking into App + Web from Google Tag Manager
    • event and parameter tracking and enablement
  • anonymous login: before you can take the quiz, you’ll be asked for a login, so you can pause and resume the quiz as needed. Just enter an anonymous value that’s very unlikely to be used by someone else (and remember it).
  • practice in the UI while taking the quiz: it’s recommended (before or during the quiz) that you create your own Firebase project and App + Web property and replicate the linking and data stream creation described in the quiz questions.
  • answer explanations: each question has a detailed answer explanation, many of which include visuals as shown below:

We plan to build out the quiz as App + Web evolves in the coming months. We hope that it provides a good starting point for now (or a good review resource if you’ve already started your App + Web journey).

If you have any questions about App + Web, Firebase, or cross-device and cross-platform measurement strategy, contact Cardinal Path today.