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It’s that time again! I will speak at my 27’th eMetrics conference!

eMetrics Boston is one of the most important events in the digital analytics industry.

For beginners, eMetrics is an initiation – a great opportunity to break the ice and talk to industry leaders, quickly get educated about the latest concepts and technologies, and simply become part of a closely-knit community.

For seasoned attendees, eMetrics is a family reunion; an opportunity to meet with friends, share thoughts and do a deep dive on topics initiated through social media.

Sunday, September 29 – “Workshop: Mastering the digital analytics process”

After San Francisco and Toronto, I’m glad to bring our new workshop to Boston “Mastering the Digital Analytics Process” is a new full-day workshop focused on one thing: the analysis process. The lack of a systematic, proven methodology is the biggest impediment to your career and to developing a culture of digital analytics within your organization. If you have more work than you can handle, more data than can possibly be analyzed, no management buy-in and you’re struggling to deliver good quality analysis and insight – this workshop is for you!

Monday, September 30 – “Measuring your organization’s web analytics maturity”

I’ve presented this session dozens of times at eMetrics and other events in North America and Europe. I was going to offer a different topic but Jim Sterne insisted I do it again. It always receives high marks – thought provoking, instructive, entertaining, it’s one of few sessions where you can get back to the office with tangible and readily applicable action items.

Tuesday, October 1 – “Three Frameworks in Forty Minutes”

Along the same lines, hear Dylan Lewis of Intuit, Carey Wilkins of Evolytics and me share our thoughts on so-called “frameworks” – “well-defined tactics for mastering, with simplicity, the complex environment of an organization”. This promises to be quite interesting and chock full of anecdotes and tips!

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Curious? Check out the details on the eMetrics website. Contact Cardinal Path to do a deep digital analytics maturity assessment and develop a roadmap that will leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses.