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Let’s review some useful AdWords Editor features that could help you save time.


Why: Save time by copying existing items (such as campaigns, adgroups, ads, keywords, etc.) and then edit them.
How: Top navigation menu → “Edit” → “Copy/Paste” (or use keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and CTR+V)

Example: Create a new ad variation for testing by copying an existing ad and changing its call-to-action.
Tip: Carefully review editing results before uploading them live.


Why: Narrow down a list of campaigns/adgroups/keywords/ads to focus on their management or updates
How: Use Search form (advanced search) in top right corner of the interface.

Example: You are running ads with a limited time offer. At the end of the promotion just search the ads with this offer and pause them in bulk.
Tip: Save the most useful search settings in Advanced Search to reuse them in the future.

Replace text

Why: Easy way to make massive edits within multiple keywords or ads
How: Use “Replace text” link at the bottom of user interface

Example: You are running text ads pointed to the specific landing page Your web development team decided to move this landing page to a new location and you have to update all the ads which use this landing page. Just find all your ads with old destination URL and update them by replacing destination URL with
Tip: Use “Duplicate matching items and replace text in duplicates” option to expand your list of keywords or ads.

Append Text

Why: Make bulk changes in your adgroups, ads, ad extensions, targeting, or keywords by using the Append text feature
How: Use `Append text` link at the bottom of user interface

Example: You would like to add a call-to-action to your existing ads. Select the current ads you would like to change, click “Append Text”, select “Description Line 2” and add “Buy Today!”
Tip: Using the `Duplicate selected rows and append text to duplicates` option could be very useful for expanding your list of keywords, ads, ad extensions, and targeting

Advanced bid changes

Why: Easy way to make massive bid changes with different scenarios and constraints
How: Use “Advanced bid changes” link at the bottom of the interface

Example: Increasing or decreasing bids by a percentage could be a useful solution for massive short time bid adjustments (for example, increase bids by 20% during Black Friday)
Tip: Keep an eye on daily budget settings because increased bids could increase your cost. As result, your campaign could be limited by its budget.

Advanced URL Changes

Why: Easy way to make massive URL changes.
How: Use “Advanced URL changes” link at the bottom of user interface.

Tip: Appending text to URLs could be useful for manual URL tagging


Why: Easy way to import data from third-party tools (for example, Excel spreadsheets) or from other AdWords Editors (for example, import changes prepared by your colleagues)
How: File → “Import account snapshot…” or “Import CSV…”

Tip: Carefully review import results before accepting changes. Consider using a backup before starting with massive imports.


Why: Easy way to export data in CSV format for using in third-party tools or export changes for collaboration needs.
How: Top navigation menu →File → Export

Tip: AdWords interface shows real-time Quality Score data only. Export a list of your keywords on a regular basis to keep tracking of Quality Score changes.


Why: Keep backup copy of the account for restore if necessary
How: Top navigation menu →  File → Export Backup (AEA) → then select “Export whole account…” or “Export selected campaigns and ad groups…”

Tip: Make account backups on a regular basis and before big account updates

Find Duplicate Keywords

Why: Avoid competing in the same auction with identical keywords because it could increase your cost-per-click.
How: Top navigation menu → Tools → Find duplicate keywords…

Tip: You have to avoid duplicate keywords within the same targeted area. Duplicate keywords in different campaigns targeting different (not overlapped) regions are acceptable.

Keyword Grouper

Why: Easy way to convert a long list of keywords into a set of topic focused and structured adgroups
How: Top navigation menu →Tools → Keyword Grouper…

Tip: Preview results after running Keyword Grouper.


Why: Keep a record of major changes and updates for future reference
How: Use comments section at campaign, adgroup, keyword, or ad level.

Tip: Use annotations in Google Analytics to make similar notes of your major change