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Analytics Consulting & Strategic Planning

Develop a roadmap to unlock value from your marketing data

Award-winning industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners deliver actionable digital strategy created with your business goals in mind

As practitioners, our teams are as knowledgeable in navigating the challenges of corporate culture and business as they are in marketing analytics and digital intelligence.

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  • The data landscape is more complicated than ever

    We’re producing huge amounts of data every second of every day, but that data is often disparate and siloed in different departments. Organizations without a data strategy and a clear roadmap are struggling to stay competitive. Strategically centralize your data and deliver actionable insights.

  • Process sets strategy free

    Our proven approach goes beyond the technology to consider the capabilities that are needed, ensuring you have the right processes and resources in place to empower your organization to succeed.

We begin with a discovery workshop that aligns key stakeholders

COVID-19 Crisis Navigator

In partnership with Dentsu, Cardinal Path helps you distill the overwhelming news and information into a bi-weekly report highlighting emerging trends and insights during the pandemic.