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A lot is happening in the world of digital analytics and it’s hard to stay up to date. The best way to be ahead of the curve is to be out there networking with colleagues and practitioners. Many of our consultants will be doing just that, on the road over the next couple of months participating in industry events, conducting training workshops and (hopefully doing some sightseeing on the side ?). The best way to learn about these topics and gain insight is from those who work with these products daily. Meet us at this upcoming events:

Google Analytics Training – Dallas


This week, April 30th-May 2nd: our analytics trainer and coach Eric is leading a Google Analytics training course in Dallas, TX. He’s covering GA Implementation and Configuration best practices, Reporting for Actionable Insights and Advanced Strategies for Conversion Optimization. If you are in the Dallas area and you missed day 1, you can still register for day 2 and 3.

Web Congress – San Francisco

May 8th: Our principal consultant, Feras Alhlou, will be covering the Analytics track at WebCongress in San Francisco, CA providing insights about latest GA capabilities to optimize user experience and site/app performance.

USF Connect Seminar – Tampa, FL

May 20th: Our Principal Partner, Bilal Saleh, will be covering how to: Get Noticed On Digital: Search Marketing Tips and Techniques. The session will be held at USF Connect Seminar in Tampa, FL. He’ll touch upon the essentials of Digital Marketing Optimization so that you can improve and improve the return on your online campaigns.

Google Analytics Training – Dubai, UAE


June 8-9th: Eric will be making a return to Dubai after the very successful workshop we had in Dubai earlier in the year. If you are in the MENA region, this is the workshop you’d want to attend. High quality content and an amazing delivery.

SMX Advanced – Seattle, WA

June 11-12th: Feras will be speaking on how to improve your conversion rate. He’ll be a panelist on the “Conversion Rate Rockstars” session on June 12.

eMetrics – Chicago, IL

June 17th, Feras will be covering a case study on one-to-one marketing and Large-Scale User-Centric Segmentation at the eMetrics Summit in Chicago, IL. Feras will be describing a user-centric approach to attain in-depth insights on customer habits and behavior and also how data visualization tells a much better story.

Data Driven Business Week – Chicago, IL

June 19th: Eric will be holding a workshop on Google Analytics Core Competencies and Expert Techniques for Business Impact. The training will cover the latest capabilities of Universal Analytics, mobile analytics and content optimization among a whole list of topics that’ll allow you to increase your leads and improve visitor satisfaction.


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