Roundup is a little different this week. On the down side, it’s shorter than usual, on the up it’s mostly new sources and thus more novel. Included are: how to change your URL structure, Google’s attempts at reverse engineering page dates, a CSS3 ‘flexible’ box model, and more reasons to dislike Facebook.

Internet Marketing and SEO
  • Mozilla Hacks has a “flexible box model“, really a means of putting together a div order in such a way that yo ucan easily transform  its order and positioning with a few CSS codes. All in all the technology here is very cool, and I can’t wait to see if these make the final cut of CSS3.
Web Analytics
Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • Bokardo reports that Facebook is behaving badly again. This time sharing previously restrict-able user data without telling users. Well, I guess it isn’t a “this time” with Facebook, as it seems that every month they change something that turns a whole bunch of private data public.
  • Michael Gray has noticed that Google is stepping up its effort to associate dates with content publishing. He lists off a few ways that he’s noticed this happening, though I doubt that Google is relying solely on this data as it seems highly undependable.