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Marketers and analysts use website conversion funnels to gain insights into the paths their visitors take, and to begin isolating problems that prevent them from completing site goals. Experienced analytics users may at some point want to perform a deep analysis on their funnels in order to answer questions that their web analytics tools don’t provide.

Web conversion funnel

In an article for, I outline a method for using BigQuery to quickly create complex queries to analyze Google Analytics (GA) page-hit data and gain insights into conversion funnels that GA does not provide by itself.  The article goes over the basic structure of an SQL query for funnel analysis and explains how to use Funneler, a simple Windows application that automates query-writing.

BigQuery is an infrastructure-as-a-service offering that lets organizations join all their data sets and run queries on them using Google’s powerful, pay-per-use infrastructure. Check out our on-demand webinar on BigQuery to learn about its place within the digital analytics pipeline and find out why it’s a game-changer for enterprises that are trying to figure out how to put their vast data to good business use.