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See which analytics tool dominated the Fortune 500 the year before.

For several years now, we’ve annually analyzed the tags of Fortune 500 websites to determine what analytics tags are popular among the top brands in the world. This year, we went a step further, counting other marketing tags as well as tag management systems.

We’ve even taken it to the next level in terms of data visualization, using a live tableau data viz! Checkout the viz below and you can toggle between:

  • Analytics Tracking tools
  • Tag Management
  • Other Marketing Tracking Tags
  • Filter by revenue and also Fortune 500 ranking

Interesting Insights and Trends

  • We’re reporting on the presence of a specific tag on a site. If a site has multiple tags (overlap), they would be counted in multiple tag vendor categories.
  • Once again, Google Analytics dominates tracking among the Fortune 500, staying relatively consistent with owning 69% of the market share, up 3-4% from last year
  • Adobe Analytics share of the market increased slightly as well, up 2% from last year
  • WebTrends dropped a little bit, while IBM Coremetrics stayed about the same
  • Google Tag Manager dominates as the most used tag management system at around 45%, Adobe Tag Manager behind them in 2nd place around 20%
  • In terms of overall tags, GA still is the overwhelming leader, but DoubleClick is actually a close second, followed by Adobe Analytics, GTM and Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • Adwords interestingly is the 9th most used, beaten by Facebook Connect and Facebook Custom Audience