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eMetrics is where the big web analytics announcements are made! This is just announced, really just announced, and it is very exciting. Google announced the roll out of a new set of enterprise-class features that will complement the already feature-rich Google Analytics. In the next few days, our Google Analytics team here at E-Nor will be writing more detailed posts about each of the features. Until then, here is a quick summary.

So what is new?

    • Custom reports. Many of us would like to create their own reports with their own key metrics and don’t want to be limited to the default reports in GA. This feature is quite user-friendly and allows you to drag-and-drop to create all kinds of reports!

    • Advanced Segmentation. Want to analyze “visits with transactions” or your “organic (non-paid) visits” without creating separate profiles? The Advanced Segmentation feature gives the data and reports you need. Many data subsets now come ready for you without any additional effort. For those of us that used to create ten or so profiles to segment data, you can now enjoy your morning latte instead :), and focus on analysis instead of process.

  • Google Analytics API. According to Google, the API is in private beta (meaning a small number of companies/developers have access to it). Once the API is rolled out, expect some very creative custom reporting and very useful third-party data integration.
    • Enhanced User Interface. A much cleaner Google Analytics admin interface. Allows a snapshot view of accounts and profiles with metrics right there in front of you. We will have a detailed post on this later today.

  • Motion Charts. Part-cool, part-crazy, this amazing tool allows you to see data in 5 dimensions! Data can now be visually displayed on the traditional X and Y axes but there’s also additional time, color, and size dimensions!  The Motion chart is extremely useful for spotting peaks and valleys in data and identifying areas which should be analyzed deeper. While it comes with a slight learning curve or adjustment to get yourself familiar with the interface and how to best use the 5 dimensions, there’s no other tool that will give you this type of insight. It’s extremely fun & creative to use and quite interactive. If you’re not a data lover, it actually makes the data fun to use and easily spot trends that would take much longer (and be far more mundane) with a report of numbers. My kids would love this! 🙂
  • Integration with Google AdSense (in private data). More detailed reports and opportunities to enhance performance and continue with on-going optimization.

Feel free to contact one of our Google Analytics Consultants at info at e-nor com and we will try to help you out.

Also, our friend Avinash has posted a very nice post (yes, long, but easy and a good read).

Stay tuned for more!!!

The E-Nor Google Analytics Team


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