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Google announced Google Surveys 360 this week, a cousin to Google Surveys and a new member to the Google 360 suite of products. With Google Surveys you can access a representative sample of thousands of responses within hours without sacrificing accuracy for speed. Google does this through its in-house validation methods as well as endorsements and partnerships with reputable names in the research industry.

Take Your Analytics Projects to the Next Level

Google Analytics grants performance marketers, data analysts and business leaders access to quantitative data to answer the “what” about their business.

  • What device drives the most revenue to the online store? Mobile or Desktop?
  • What demographic group responded to the most recent social media campaign? What age group? What gender? What are their interests?
  • What do visitors search for on the website? In what language? From what city, state, province, or country?
  • What is the visitor experience on the website? In the mobile app? What is working? What is not working?

While it is extremely important to know what is happening on your digital assets it won’t be possible to take action unless one knows why and how they happen. Google Surveys help to close the analysis loop by enabling you to collect qualitative data. Whether you want to know your prospects, customers, potential market expansion opportunities or even your competitors’ market, prospects and customers, Google Surveys is your one stop destination. In three simple steps you can answer the “why” and take a giant leap towards adding value to your bottom line with data driven decisions. 1. Choose your audience. 2. Ask your questions. 3. Receive analyzed data within hours!

  • Why is the revenue from the Android users’ in Eastern states higher?
  • Why is the average order value significantly lower in the Francophone provinces?
  • Why are the prospects starting the purchase process but never complete the transaction?
  • How did the last TV commercial do? Did the interest in our brand increase as a result of that specific commercial? Did we reach the right audience? Do they recall our brand from a recent TV commercial?

Audience Targeting You Can Trust

Before even launching in new markets, extensive validation studies are conducted to ensure reaching a representative sample. The results are proved to be found most accurate across 3 separate measures. If you are one of our statistically inclined readers we also have those measures listed here for you. If not please skip and read on.

  1. Average absolute error (distance from the benchmark)
  2. Largest absolute error
  3. Percent of responses within 3.5% points of the benchmark

According to the Pew Research Center there is little evidence so far that the Google Surveys sample is biased toward heavy internet users. Google does this by taking known government statistics and comparing results to those of traditional telephone surveys and internet panels.


Note: Google Surveys 360 is available for purchase in US/Canada as of Oct 19, 2016.

Surveys Benefit Both Organizations and Publishers

Organizations can place their surveys on the news, reference, and entertainment sites within the Google Network of Online Publishers or Google’s Mobile App. In addition Google Surveys provide an array of options to publishers and developers. Currently hundreds of publishers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico generate revenue from their content without experiencing an increase in the bounce rate. And if a solution to serve mid-sized, enterprise and the publisher users is still not good enough, Google Surveys REST API grant developers access to an interface to create and target surveys that are delivered to web and mobile users for even more advanced implementations. Why? Because if you want market share, you have to first pursue mind share. Google Surveys give your customer a voice to share with you why they do what they do so that you and your team can give them the best possible solution.


Need Help Choosing the Best Solution for Your Business?

Contact E-Nor to integrate your quantitative technology stack with qualitative insights.

With the right tool at your fingertips, and access to E-NOR advisors, you and your team can take your time to focus on your next moonshot project. What is your moonshot? Ask and you shall receive!

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PS. While this post covers the market research aspect of Voice of Customer, for those interested in running surveys on their websites, many other tools exist in the marketplace, including Foresee, iPerceptions, Qualaroo and others. These tools often integrate with web analytics platforms to allow site and app owners to segment the data based on qualitative responses. Check our posts on finding greater insights by combining qualitative and quantitative data. And also check out Appendix A in our GA Breakthrough book for additional details on the value of user research and qualitative optimization.