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Google Marketing Platform

Google Surveys 360

Fast, high-quality insights from real people in your target audience

Quickly surface voice-of-customer & industry insights

Google Surveys 360 gives you direct access to industry and consumer insights that matter specifically to your business. Move past costly and lengthy traditional market research with the leading online voice-of-customer solution from Google.

Measure brand impact with Google Surveys 360

Without key information on audiences, marketers are flying blind

How does your online journey measure up? What is the timeframe between browsing and buying? Who is in the market for your product or solution? Google Surveys 360 taps directly into your target audience, gaining data-driven insights into key business questions.

With three easy steps you can stand up and deploy your survey in minutes

Curate your target audience, craft your questions, and watch as the results pour in within hours. Surveys 360 delivers high-quality data points to quickly inform your marketing initiatives at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.

Options span three solution tiers ranging from standard Google Surveys to Google Surveys 360 with dedicated and expert support

  • Pay as you go: Run one-off surveys through our Surveys 360 instance at cost with a service fee to assist with submission of your survey and compilation of results.
  • Try before you buy: Sign on for a single, turnkey survey for $5k. As a certified Surveys 360 Partner, we will conduct the survey on your behalf, compile results and deliver the report complete with recommendations for next steps. 

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With real people responding to your carefully crafted questions as they browse the internet, you can transform insights into experience with speed

  • Reach highly specific audiences with advanced features
  • Use screening questions to get qualified responses
  • Besides conventional text formats, leverage audio and video formats to ask your questions the right way
  • Gain insights into which advertising creative concept carries the biggest impact, or which product to invest in with consumers to optimize your campaigns in real-time
  • Target remarketing lists to target only respondents that have seen your ads or visited your site (some restrictions apply)
  • Instant, easy-to-digest graphs and charts help you make sense of the data so you can make better business decisions right away
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Traditional market research can take months, and that’s too long. Google Surveys get results quickly and easily

  • With an easy-to-use survey creator and simple sharing features, everyone at your organization can use surveys to understand your customers better.
  • Once approved and running, your survey starts to collect responses right away – review responses immediately
  • Review results in the tool or export them for greater flexibility
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Understand your customers and connect insights to results

We’re now in the enviable position of having an accurate view at each stage of our customer journey. Cardinal Path enabled a custom cloud analytics solution that not only gives us a business advantage but helps us shape a great customer experience.

Automotive retailer identifies conversion gaps in online purchases using Surveys 360

Surveys 360 surfaces insights into customer behavior in order to optimize their online journey and drive in-store sales.