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Cardinal Path Senior Partner Alex Langshur recently spoke with Daniel Waisberg of about Google Analytics, and data-driven marketing opportunities and challenges.

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Alex Langshur talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics developments, techniques, challenges and opportunities.

Alex starts by sharing insights from his latest presentation at the Google Analytics Users’ Great Event NY 2011: How to Plan for Success using Google Analytics. According to him, the environment got significantly more complex over the last few years, bringing challenges in terms of technical implementations, business and strategy when it comes to measurement. Daniel adds that in view of this complexity, it is important for “data consumers” to understand the tradeoffs they will have to face when choosing what to measure.

Alex goes on to discuss the new Google Analytics Premium and its capabilities. Among others, he mentions the data processing, custom variables, data export and guarantees of data freshness.

Alex talks about the importance of segmentation on Google Analytics, the Intelligence report, the integration of Google webmaster Tools into Google Analytics, and Custom Variables. He also discusses the future of Analytics and where are we heading towards as an industry.


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