Our Services

Digital Intelligence

Cardinal Path is unique in our ability to deploy, integrate, and activate your data, working up and down the entire business intelligence stack to create competitive advantage. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise across the technology, business and strategic layers, we help our clients provide the right data, to the right person, in the right format, at the right time.


Technology Layer – Service to Enable

Clean, accurate, and comprehensive data is the foundation of understanding behavior across your entire digital footprint. We can help assess, design, deploy and integrate a data solution using best of breed technology with enterprise level security and support.

Technology, Business and Strategic layers of digital intelligence services

Business Layer – Process to Know

We help our clients put in place the governance, accountabilities and policies to support a high-functioning analytics team. Our focus on establishing infrastructure and process ensures delivery of timely, relevant, and actionable insights to key stakeholders across the organization.

Strategic Layer – Insights to Win

Our strategic services activate your data to create competitive advantage through customer segmentation, attribution modeling, life time value modeling, market mix modeling, channel attribution and optimization. We can enable your team to make informed and scalable strategic decisions based on proven and quantifiable data.