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Adwords Editor 7.0 is out!

Google only recently released AdWords Editor 6.5 and already we see AdWords Editor 7. Here are the new features:

First page bid estimates: AdWords Editor now uses first page bid estimates for your keywords. Minimum cost-per-click (CPC) bids are no longer used.

Keyword Quality Score: The Keywords tab now displays the Quality Score for your keywords.

Keyword Opportunities locale: Tailor your keyword suggestions to a particular language and location by changing your Keyword Opportunities locale.

Campaign targeting in the data view: You can view your targeting settings in the new ‘Language’ and ‘Location’ columns on the Campaigns tab. These columns are hidden by default, but you can select them with the column chooser.

Send feedback to Google: Help us improve AdWords Editor by enabling usage tracking in your AdWords Editor settings (Tools menu > Settings).

Other updates:

  • The ‘Volume’ column on the Keyword expansion tab of the Keyword Opportunities tool now shows absolute numbers (traffic for the last month) instead of scaled values.
  • The Keyword Opportunities tool isn’t available for draft accounts.

SOURCE: Adwords Editor Release Notes

As I mentioned in my last post, Google includes the Keyword Opportunities tool right in AdWords Editor. You can find the tool in the Tools drop down box near the top. Find out what the new Keyword Opportunities tool is all about here.(Also known as Search Based Keyword Tool)

For you paranoid folks that might be worried about the new “feedback” feature Google will not collect any of your personal information in the account. Either way, you can turn the feature off or on in the settings area in the tools drop down box near the top. (The default is off)

“Usage tracking is an optional setting that enables Google to collect anonymous statistics about how people use AdWords Editor features. This information can help us understand what we need to improve.

The usage statistics don’t include personal information or the contents of your AdWords account. Please see Google’s privacy policy for more information about how we protect your data.” – Google