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On Novemeber 18th Google released its new search based keyword tool. This new tool is not to be confused with Googles “Keyword Tool” in AdWords that many of you might be familiar with.

The primary difference between the Keyword Tool that’s currently inside AdWords and the new Search-based keyword tool is that the new search-based keyword tool works directly with what is already inside your AdWords account and suggests new relevant terms that you might have missed otherwise. Furthermore the new tool shows category information and ad/search share.

Ad share shows the amount of times with which an ad for your website appeared for a given query and the search share shows the frequency with which it appeared on the first page of search result.

The search-based keyword tool also features a spyglass icon by the searches column for each keyword. When clicking the spyglass for a particular keyword you are automatically linked to Google Insights for Search with all sorts of additional search data for that keyword such as region interest and top related searches accompanied by graphs and related news.

For those wondering which tool to use, you can still use the primary keyword tool built into AdWords when doing initial keyword research for a new campaign or adgroup. Then once you have all your campaigns set up go back and use the Search-Based Keyword Tool ( to find additional keyword opportunities that you might have missed the first time around. Remember that the new Search-Based tool will check for keywords already inside your account and exclude them for you and then will suggest new keywords.

It is also worth noting that the new search-based keyword tool can be used from within AdWords Editor by clicking on tools > keyword opportunities. The interface is a little different but works in the same fashion. This new tool has definitely helped me identify new keywords to bid on.

Use the new keyword search based tool a long side the already effective adwords keyword tool and you’ll find more than enough great keywords to jump start any AdWords campaign.