Analytics Rising: The Cookieless Future, Data-Driven Attribution & Your 2020 Digital Roadmap

Cardinal Path is pleased to announce its second-annual Analytics Rising virtual conference on September 25th, designed to bring the hottest topics of the day to the marketing analytics community of brands worldwide.  This year’s event is laser-focused on just three live sessions:   Session 1: Gearing up for a Cookieless Future Led by Cardinal Path Co-CEO … Read Full Post

Personalization vs. Segmentation: Understanding the Difference & Activating the Benefits

If you operate in the world of digital marketing, you know that personalization is all the rage. Want to increase your conversion rates? Need to boost online transactions? Want to increase your average order value? The answer – offer personalized experiences.  And yet a recent survey of US internet users shows that 93% weren’t getting … Read Full Post

GDPR & CCPA: Things to Consider During Consent Roll-out on your Website

The launch of GDPR in the EU and CCPA in the USA has been of concern for many of us that leverage digital data and make business decisions in the digital marketing and digital data collection field. And while GDPR was launched over a year ago, there are still companies that are catching up – … Read Full Post

Tag Management Systems: Market Share in the Top 1000 Internet Retailers

It’s tough to dispute the benefits of tag management systems. They’re pretty much essential in effectively managing digital ecosystems, particularly at a time when marketers are increasingly motivated- through regulatory controls, changing consumer demands, and increased digital complexity that requires internal governance- to better manage the data they are collecting.  And yet tag management systems … Read Full Post

Getting Started with Power BI

If you’re looking to upgrade your business analytics tool but feel uneasy about learning a complicated new data platform, Power BI by Microsoft may be just the thing for you.  What I like about Power BI: Easy-to-use reporting tool that allows you to perform analytics functions and create insightful reports Good performance with accurate measures  … Read Full Post

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).