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The Blue Layer: Tags on page and collection

Tag Management Systems Architecture

Every Tag Management Solution (TMS) has its own specifications, tips, and rules. At Cardinal Path, through working day-to-day with different TMS’, I have discovered that what really sets them apart is the User Interface and some specific rules, configurations and … Read Full Post

YouTube Video Tracking with Google Tag Manager (V2) and Universal Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

This tag sends in the event data, that is pushed from the dataLayer, to the GA property.

In case you haven’t noticed, Google Tag Manager is getting an upgrade which will soon be automatically pushed by Google to all existing GTM V1 accounts starting June 1, 2015. Voluntary migration to this new version, V2, is also already … Read Full Post

Mother’s Day Made Easy with Analytics

Mother's Day Gift Trends

Scrambling for a Mother’s Day gift this week? Look to online analytics to guide your decision-making with Google’s recently-published consumer data on what Moms really want. View the full findings on Mother’s Day Gift trends here. According to the report, … Read Full Post

Cultural Transformation in the Age of Data

Cultural Transformation in the Age of Data

In this blog, guest author Brian Harris, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Western Union Business Solutions, discusses the role of culture in becoming a data-driven organization.  Adopting a data-driven culture—and changing the mindsets of stakeholders to use data to drive … Read Full Post

How To Turn Data Into Dollars: 3 Stages To Activate Your Data

Turn Data Into Dollars

In this post, originally published by Marketing Land, Dave Booth, the 2014 Digital Analytics Association’s Practitioner of the Year, explains that it’s not just about collecting data. You need to know how to activate that data to extract value from … Read Full Post

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