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Predictive Analytics: 3 Case Studies in Seeing the Future

Predictive analytics crystal ball

Predictive analytics can help you use past data to predict likely future outcomes. While these techniques have long been used in forecasting, risk aversion, and even fraud detection, in the digital world, predictive can be extremely powerful. These days the … Read Full Post

Marketer’s Guide to Tag Management Systems: Webinar Q&A

Tag Management Systems (TMS)

By now, the use of a tag management system (TMS) is widely considered a best practice. And yet, research shows that there are still many organizations that are still not taking advantage of the time savings, quality assurance, and optimization … Read Full Post

Overview of Adobe Summit 2016

Adobe summit

This year’s Adobe Summit had a central theme around “experiences” — delivering and enhancing our day-to-day experiences across many aspects of our lives.   Given Adobe’s pedigree as a data giant, it was only natural that data would play a … Read Full Post

Webinar: Marketer’s Guide to Tag Management Systems

Tag Management Systems (TMS)

The experts agree, Tag Management Systems are the way forward in 2016, and their use is considered a best practice.  Our State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 500 Online Retailers report summarized the use of Tag Management Systems … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path POV: Google Analytics 360 Suite

Cardinal Path Point of View: Ad Blocking

This week, Google announced its new Google Analytics 360 Suite, which consists of six products. To be clear, Google hasn’t released these products. They’ve made the announcement about a suite of analytics that nobody can buy yet. But the resounding … Read Full Post

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