Online Analytics Maturity


Cardinal Path’s proprietary Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM), developed by Director of Strategic Services Stéphane Hamel, is a framework that helps organizations assess their current situation and provide a structured, actionable path towards improving competence at leveraging data and analytics for enterprise-wide business decision-making.

online analytics maturity model

The Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM) provides you with an unbiased and easy-to-understand representation of your organization’s expectations of, and commitment to, your analytics infrastructure and initiatives.

From your objectives, scope and resources, to your methodology, tools and management, the OAMM will illustrate whether your organization is engaged in the critical data-gathering and customer insight-sharing activities required for your business’ success.


OAMM offers a benchmark – against our extensive database from over 845 client engagements – to identify where your organization sits compared to others in your industry, of your size, or in your location.

The Cardinal Path OAMM Audit:

  • Exposes areas for improvement in the alignment of people, processes and technologies with the declared objectives and scope of the analytics initiatives
  • Helps you create a roadmap of specific and achievable improvements that will move your organization further down the path toward digital analytics maturity
  • Provides upper and middle management with a powerful communication and persuasion tool that can be used to drive a message of organizational change

Get started with a comprehensive self-assessment at or contact us to see what the Cardinal Path OAMM can do for you.